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Gullah Paintings 2 by Quadre' Stuckey is the second installment to the series. In my second installment I dig deeper into my Gullah Geechee Culture and show the connections between the Gullah regions and the West Indian Islands, that my ancestors were brought to after being taken from West Africa. In this book I propose to display artwork that reflects the vibrancy, rich heritage and experiences through the reflections of my grandparent's legacy. My Gullah Paintings 2 will also examine the influences of the Low Country Gullah Culture and the ancestry known throughout the Gullah Geechee Corridor, which is the basis of my artwork. I have constructed a Gullah Culture Visual environment which I continue to use to captivate the imagination of my readers/viewers. The beauty of this opportunity is that it allows me to show viewers, my artistic interpretation of the Gullah Culture and my personal experiences growing up in the Gullah ancestral homelands. Special thanks, to all of my readers for wanting to learn about my journey and Gullah Culture. Sincerely Mr. Stuckey

Gullah Paintings 2 by: Quadre' Stuckey

SKU: 364215376135191
  • 1.Gullah Paintings 2 by: Quadre' Stuckey,

    2.Book size: 8x8

    3.Gloss Cover, Full Color Pages

    4.Gullah Langauage Translation Glossary: Teachs you how to speak      Gullah.

    5. All Books come Hand Signed by The Artist/Author Quadre' Stuckey.

    6.Gullah Geechee Cultural Heritage Corridor: Breaks down the coastal plains, Sea island areas, North Carolina, South Carolina , Georgia and Florida.5.Gullah Children's  Story Translation: A Children's story told in Gullah that can be translated to English.


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